Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Update...

I will have something up later on regarding closers, or RPs, and who you should target if you're looking for some cheap saves. In the meantime, I'm still recovering from the infinite wisdom of Bill C, proclaiming Jesse Litch a "talent", and Brett the Hitman Meyers someone to start at the Yankees... Stay tuned, and remember to ask any questions you may have regarding fantasy baseball. I'll try to answer them the best I can.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday 6/13 sleepers

Sam LeCure-Has KC and has shown some success in his first few starts. He's pitching to keep his spot in the rotation. He is pitted against Zach Greinke who has done nothing but find ways to lose all season. The Reds keep finding ways to win pick up Sam Lecure in all your daily leagues and get him in your line-up for Sunday.

Jesse Litsch-Coming back from an injury it is a slight risk but this kids got talent. after being sent back to the minors in 08 he came back a totally different pitcher. Last year he suffered an injury early which required some elbow reconstruction but now it seems he is ready to go. Don't be turned off by his rehab numbers as all reports suggest he had some questionable catching and some shotty defense behind him in Vegas.

Just a short one today guys but look hard at these two. By the way, those who criticized Brett Myers, he still managed double digits in my points league. And to the person that said the blog was horrible because of Brett Myers, (who of course didn't leave a name) I love how you did it after the first inning ended. After that post by Mr. Anonymous he went 6 more innings only giving up 1 run. As always feel free to comment and ask questions.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Phillies and Their Frustrated Fantasy Owners

On fantasy draft day many Phillies were drafted in the early rounds. Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Cole Hamels were all supposed to be guys we could rely on night in and night out week in and week out. Even Jamie Moyer looked slightly promising early because all of the run support he'd be provided by that stud filled line-up. SO WHAT WENT WRONG?

Jimmy Rollins is more fragile than the soft spot on my baby nieces head. This guy is ALWAYS hanging out in the trainers room and never in the space between second and third. He went from a feared threat on the base paths to an 8.5 million dollar hospital patient.

Chase Utley-Although still a top 5 2B he is no longer the best head and shoulders above the number 2 2B like he has been the last few years. He is now 31, which isn't all that old, but has shown some signs of slowing down. He still has 10 HRs but is only hitting around .260. Being a career .295 hitter there is need for some concern here.

Ryan Howard-What can I say other than next year stay as far away from this guy as you can on draft day. HE GOT PAID. Now the Phillies are getting what they paid for...or not. I don't believe this guy will ever match his pre-pay day numbers. Good luck with that oversized contract Phills

Cole Hamels- World Series hero 07-08 stud. Now I believe your seeing the REAL Cole Hamels. Don't expect him to get any better because he won't. The guy will have a 4+career ERA when it's all said and done.

Roy Halladay-Better than advertised, run support from the Phillies was a false advertisement. Halladay may now be thinking the turf was greener at Rogers Centre than the grass is in Philadelphia. The Blue Jays are 7th in the majors in scoring and 18th in pitching (18th mostly due to the 5th starters in their rotation Dana Eveland and Brian Tallet). With Halladay they easily get their team ERA under 4 and bounce into the top 12, or even 10. Now he play's for a Phillies team who is 19th in scoring and who's bats have single handedly cost him 3 losses and quite a few wins. Who woulda thought the Phillies offense would cost Halladay a Cy Young award and the Blue Jays offense coulda helped him win one? Eh? What I see for the future of the Phillies is 1 stud OF waiting in the minors and a bunch of guys who are getting paid and now going through the motions or others that are just getting older. The division is getting tougher all around and they are being content. I feel bad for Halladay just another bad situation that is only going to get worse. Where as the awful situation he came from is now competing without him. When he came to Philly I'm sure he didn't look at the depth chart and say to himself Jamie Moyer will be the only help I get in this rotation. Without Halladay the Phills would be in dead last today and asking themselves What went wrong here?
AS ALWAYS feel free to comment.

Saturday 6/12 Sleepers

Paul Maholm-This guy has quietly strung a few nice start together but his buddies could provide very little run support. This season he has been a very different pitcher than in previous seasons and is looking like a very viable starter. Pick him up and get him in your line-up vs Detroit and Jeremy Bonderman.

J.D. Martin-It's safe to say this guy is available in ALL leagues. He has had good numbers in the minors and last year in his rookie season his numbers weren't terrible. With a year under his belt it is safe to say this guy has no where to go but up. The Nationals have shown marked improvement this season offensively and defensively. All these variables make Martin worth a look for his start vs Cleveland and Fausto Carmona.

Brandon Morrow-Toronto, for some reason, struggles in interleague play. But this season Toronto's top 4 (Marcum, Romero, Cecil, and Morrow) have shown that they are too good to be on waiver wires or sitting ever in daily leagues. Morrow is capable of striking out a ton and as always Toronto's offense should give him ample run support.

Hisanori Takahashi-The Mets have the lowly Orioles and Takahashi has only been horrible in 1 start this season. I'm not sure any major league pitcher can be horrible against the O's which makes Takahashi a nice start tomorrow.


Anonymous said... Erik Bedard? Really? are you related to him or something?

Umm no, I am not related to Erik Bedard, BUT when healthy he has always been very effective and a useful pitcher in fantasy. BELIEVE ME if you don't pick him up now someone else will.

Player updates

2 quick updates

If Erik Bedard is available in your league hurry up and get him. I can see him on the mound for Seattle in 3 weeks barring any setbacks.

There are very few media outlets reporting....Carlos Santana (no, not the guitar player) will be called up by the Indians for Friday. I Don't care if your catcher is Joe Mauer pick this guy up and put him on your bench. He has just as much if not more pop than Buster Posey. At a super thin catching position this guy has the potential to have HUGE value. I also have a feeling the Indians will use him at DH at times. Hafner still doesn't play every day. Santana isn't getting called up to sit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Response to Comments...

"Anonymous said...

Nice blog but you seem to copy stuff right from yahoo and espn and put it in different words(although it is still obvious that you do that). You pretty much state the obvious in all of your posts and your not putting enough effort. Terrible blog."

Baseball is a game of statistics. Anything that may or may not be referenced in that regard can be found on ANY site. More or less, I am trying to give MY assessment of a player, and how I feel other owners view that particular player, and whether or not it's worth a shot to try and get him. Also, I only use outside sources for the players current numbers, but my analysis is my analysis. Glad to see a "nice blog" become "terrible" in a matter of 2 sentences as well.

"Anonymous said...

There is an owner in my league who think's Brett Cecil belongs on the waiver wire because he was horrible last year....Maction, What do you think about this type of thinking?"

One thing many owners tend to do is judge a young player too harshly in the beginning of their careers. Not everyone comes flying out of the gate like Stephen Strasburg. You can't dismiss a guy like Brett Cecil, who turns 24 in July, based on his rookie season. Early signs of life in his sophmore season requires someone of his potential to become an instant pickup off the waiver wire, if available. Do you think Carlos Silva still belongs on the waiver wire, because of how much of a bum he has been the past 5 years? Remember: the younger the player/smaller career sample size, the higher the potential. Thinking otherwise causes owners like the one you mentioned to spend most of his time in the cellar of his league's standings.

Keep the questions/comments coming folks. Fantasy Action Maction OUT!!!

Friday 6/11 match-ups for daily leagues

Bronson Arroyo and Luis Atilano-I'm gonna clump these two together because They are similar guys with similar numbers who have similar match-ups. Arroyo gets KC and Atilano gets the Indians. Neither K a ton of guys both have scary looking ERA's but both are keeping the walk numbers down and finding ways to win. Pick up these guys and go with them against these great match-ups...Cut them Friday night.

R.A. Dickey-Yea he has a funny name, no ulnar collateral ligament, not much major league success before this season BUT there is value with this knuckleballer. @Baltimore, who by the way can't seem to do anything right, This looks like a great match-up. Take advantage and reap the rewards.

Brett Myers-@NYY. Before you ask yourself...IS HE NUTS?! Brett Myers looks like he may finally be living up to his potential. He has a plus fastball with very good secondary pitches. The Astros offense is beginning to heat up. You may look at Brett and say, "boy he gives up a lot of base runners" that being true but a lot of the hits he gives up are singles. He's been minimizing damage really well and looks like potentially a nice start tomorrow in all your daily leagues.

Feel free to post any questions.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Those Who Visit the Site...

Feel free to comment/send questions underneath each of the posts that you may have. Our writers will do their best to address any issues you may have in your leagues. Or, if you simply disagree with anything we write, feel free to criticize as well...

Buy or Sell?

Recently, I've had discussions with colleagues on the dynamics of a fantasy baseball trade. Often times, owners find themselves in predicaments in which they're dominating at the plate, but can't seem to find a hurler consistent enough to keep them competitive on the mound, or vice versa. By nature, fantasy baseball owners are stubborn, not to mention greedy. Getting a fair offer is as likely as the Kansas City Royals winning a pennant. The idea is to reevaluate the worth of individual players at the positions you're either stacked in, or lacking, and decide whether or not it's time to pull the trigger.

Ryan Braun. LF MIL.
After starting of the year on an absolute tear, Braun has slowed down tremendously since the beginning of May. Part of this could be due to the Brewers falling out of contention earlier than ever in Braun's short career. Another factor could be his dismal performance at home, just like most of the Brew Crew. Either way, if your league consists of 12 or fewer teams, chances are you may be able to find viable options at the OF position if you can snag a top starting pitcher, or middle infielder, in exchange for Braun. Let's face it: he's still a name, and should be worth something.

Elvis Andrus. SS TEX
Don't blink, or you might miss this speedy youngster for the Texas Rangers. Andrus has been one of the more pleasant surprises in fantasy, and there may still be those out there who aren't too familiar with him. He is reaching base at a 40% clip, and making the most of his on base percentage by stealing 18 bases through early June. If you own him, keep him: he is the real deal. If you're looking for a SS, and there is a naive owner out there, try and pluck him.
Verdict: BUY

Carlos Silva. SP CHC
Talk about out of nowhere, this 4.60 lifetime ERA pitcher has taken the NL Central by storm, posting 8 victories and 0 losses through early June, not to mention an earned run average of under 3. This 31 year old right hander could be the biggest fluke in fantasy. Or, just maybe, he is having the AL to NL pitching rebirth that so often slips through the cracks of fantasy owners depth charts on draft day. (See Javier Vazquez in Atlanta) He doesn't have the highest strikeout rate, nor the endurance to last too far into games, (Lasts about 6 innings per game) but the National League hitters are certainly baffled, for now... My take? His value will never be higher than it is right now. If you can send him on his way to solidify another part of your team, I would highly recommend it. Chances are this guy was taken off the free agent list early in the season to begin with, so anything of higher draft day value might be a steal...
Verdict: SELL

Ryan Howard. 1B PHI
Here is another target for owners looking for some help at the 1B, or CI position (if applicable) on your fantasy team. Howard has been aggravating for many fantasy owners so far this season, posting only 10 HR to date, which is well behind the pace that we have grown accustomed to. These are the kind of players that you may see on the blocks for those who are fed up with the 31 year old slugger. There is definitely plenty of good baseball ahead, and you should see him heat up sooner rather than later. Take advantage, if you can...

Possible Free Agent List Finds Worth Adding
Michael Stanton. RF FLA
Brad Lidge. RP PHI
Brennan Boesch. RF DET
Jeff Keppinger. 3B HOU
Brett Cecil. SP TOR

That's all for now. Feel free to email me any questions regarding trades, or drop/adds. Fantasy Action Maction OUT!!!

6/10 probables for daily leagues

This is my first posting for strictly daily leagues on this site. I strongly believe that daily line-up change leagues are going by the wayside and most leagues are weekly line-up leagues. So I won't invest too much time into these posts. There will be no mention of no brainer starters and no brainer bums. I will pick 6-8 pitchers in these hopefully daily posts that would be considered on the fence guys.

For Thursday 6/10
Scott Baker vs. Bruce Chen-Scott Baker has not performed so well this season but over his last couple starts he has shown some promising trends including keeping his walk rate down. He still doesn't strike out very many but has a very favorable match-up at home against KC who he has had a lot of success against in his career. Scott Baker is a nice starter for tomorrow.

Trevor Cahill vs. Ervin Santana-Cahill has been quite intriguing this season. After posting solid minor league numbers in his 2+ years in the minors he struggled last season. It appears he has turned that around. With a weakened Angel offense he is a nice start tomorrow. He does have a tough match-up however, against the resurgent Santana. Don't be surprised if there is little, if any run support.

Brett Cecil @ Wade Davis-Most night's in daily leagues any Blue Jay will be a nice start. The Jays usually provide a ton of run support and against the struggling Wade Davis (Don't start Wade) they will have the opportunity to keep up that trend. As good as Cecil has been so far his numbers on the road are even better than they are at home. Pick him up, start him, and keep him. This kid is a budding star.

Jamie Moyer vs. Anibal Sanchez-Moyer has been Red Hot lately (or at least as hot as a 47 year old can get) and the Phillies seem to be picking it up again offensively. Moyer has excellent career numbers against the Marlins and for now he looks like a very good play. Of course don't expect a ton of k's here. Stay away from Sanchez

Max Scherzer vs. John Danks -Scherzer is struggling mightily and has a tough match-up against Danks. He looked really really good 2 outings ago but then regressed against the lowly Royals. Do not start him against the Sox.

As always feel free to ask questions and make comments.

Wednesday Link Roundup!

Hi everyone, I'm Eric and I'm the webmaster of WSP and I'll start off your Wednesday with a few links to help your team in the coming weeks.

* For those with Espn Insider , Today's "Truth and Rumors" page is always a first stop in regard to Fantasy Baseball.

* Pittsburgh's 21 year old speedster Jose Tabata, is getting the call to the Majors and will take Garrett Jones' spot in the OF. Jones moves to take over 1B full time. Tabata has excellent speed and is seen as more of a roto pickup for those who need SB's without HR's. SP callup Brad Lincoln will likely have less of a fantasy impact with an average fastball and a plus curveball.

* Jayson Werth owners, please don't worry about his contract, just stick to worrying about his three week long slump.

* Francisco Cervelli be damned, Jorge Posada may be back behind the plate next week. If you were using Cervelli, you were likely playing "musical chairs" with your Catcher slot anyways. You could go for a mid range guy like Pudge (back from injury) or an AJ Pierzynski type off of waivers.

* Lastly, here's a fun post on players being drafted by very familiar teams this year. A ton of father sun pairings.

Got a question about my 2 start post

Anonymous said... Excellent post, Bill... The only question I have would be whether or not this pertains to anything other than leagues that allow weekly lineup changes. I would assume that what holds true for head to head leagues with weekly periods would also hold true for roto-style leagues that have weekly periods as well? Thanks.

Yes, it would hold true for Roto as well as H2H leagues. With pitching, I don't believe there is that much of a difference. Hitting is a whole different beast. Where some players are very useful roto guys but not so much in H2H. That posting is more for weekly leagues than it is for daily line-up change leagues. Obviously, you'd still want to probably avoid the guys I said to avoid in daily as well. Must start guys are ALWAYS must start. And the High end 2 start stashee's are almost always 2 starts. Feel free to keep the questions coming!

FANTASY WEEK 11!!! Guys with 2 starts

Fantasy week 11 has many top pitchers going twice Halladay, Wainwright, Sabathia, J. Santana, and Josh Johnson, These guys should ALL be considered must starts no matter the match-up.

Now we have David Price, Clay Buchholz, Clayton Kershaw, and Shaun Marcum. These guys are all High end 2 start stashees that can be considered in most weeks where they start once. They are must starts whenever they have 2 games no matter the match-ups.

Jonathan Sanchez, Chad Billingsley, Mat Latos, C. J. Wilson fall into the next tier of solid 2 start stashees. These guys are by no means must starts when they only have one start. They depend highly on match-ups. With 2 starts they all have to be in any and every line-up.

The next group of guys fall into the lower end 2 start stashee group. Ian Kennedy, Dallas Braden, Carl Pavano, Carlos Zambrano, Guys in this group are by no means must start guys in any week and should NEVER be started with 1 start. This is where heavy evaluation comes in to help decide whether or not to use these guys. NL guys in this category who start against 2 AL teams (unless one is Balt, Cle, or KC,) are unadvised.

Ian Kennedy-usually a serviceable 2 start pitcher is @BOS and @DET. The Red Sox are currently RED HOT and the Tigers aren't playing bad either. I would look elsewhere for people in points leagues these could cause sizable negatives.

Mr. Perfect Dallas Braden-Since his Perfect game he's been nothing but a headache for fantasy owners. He plays for a weak hitting team and has two tough match-ups against Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs and top 3 fantasy pitcher Adam Wainwright. The A's offense will struggle against Wainwright but may be able to get to Carlos Zambrano who is a shell of his former self at the moment. I'd say start Braden

Carl Pavano- The Twins aren't really scoring runs for him and his long term track record does nothing to suggest he can even keep his ERA at slightly over 4 where it is now. He get's one home start against Colorado which he should be ok in. But that start against Halladay @PHI makes me nervous. Mild risk starting him next week. In deeper leagues you may have no choice. I'm gonna say go with him.

Carlos Zambrano-He has 2 very nice AL match-ups this week. He is a shell of his former self but has the opportunity to at least get the ship pointed in the right direction against Oak and LAA. I'd say this is the best start out of this low end bunch.

Now we have Randy Wolf, Aaron Harang, Joe Saunders, Rick Porcello, and Aaron Cook. These guys are 2 start bums that are going to be on many of your mixed league waiver wires. THEY SHOULD NEVER EVER START OUTSIDE OF 2 START WEEKS WITH AT LEAST ONE VERY FAVORABLE MATCH-UP!

Randy Wolf has 2 match-ups against 2 middle of the road teams. With both being away I would NOT advise Randy Wolf to be used outside of the deepest of leagues. With a WHIP of 1.6 and an ERA approaching 5 this could be disastrous. Leave him on waivers.

Aaron Harang- Harang has been scuffling a little this season but having a home start against the LAD and anytime you get to play Seattle when they don't pitch Lee or Felix is a big bonus. He is VERY advisable for week 11. Pick him up and start him in all formats.

Joe Saunders-Mil can mash and the Cubs can score a bit too Stay away and leave him on waivers.

Rick Porcello-Det has been playing decent baseball and with two favorable match-ups WAS and ARI he is a VERY ADVISABLE option. Get him in your line-ups.

Aaron Cook-@Min home against Mil. he is a strong candidate to leave for another owner to start. This guy really isnt very good and the match-ups he has this week are above average hitting teams. Don't start him.

These are all DO NOT TOUCH GUYS-Masterson, Paulino, Tillman, Davies, Lannon, Kawakami, and Snell.

MAJOR LEAGUE DEBUT!!!!-Brad Lincoln VERY GOOD minor league numbers and it seems the Pirates have chosen a great week to call him up facing the CHW and CLE. With an ERA of 3.17 and a WHIP under 1 in AAA at almost a K an inning he is worth a shot. Pick him up and start him.

feel free to e-mail any questions regarding any fantasy baseball subject.

New Pitching System

What you will see here on "Who Said Pierre?" is an innovative way to address your lineups on the mound, depending on your league's format and scoring system. Bill C., our resident pitching expert, has spent countless hours assessing the strengths and weaknesses of pitchers. From Roy Halladay to Roy Munson, Bill C. will take the time to address whether or not a pitcher should be started in a paticular week. Terms like "Must-start", "2-start stashee", "2-start bum", and "You get what you deserve starting that guy" will be what you become accustomed to once you start reading the analysis on a weekly basis. Traditional sites, such as rotowire and CBS, won't offer you the kind of insight and humor that we will, while continuing to offer you the advice you need to bring home that league championship. Keep checking back with us for further analysis...