Friday, June 11, 2010

Player updates

2 quick updates

If Erik Bedard is available in your league hurry up and get him. I can see him on the mound for Seattle in 3 weeks barring any setbacks.

There are very few media outlets reporting....Carlos Santana (no, not the guitar player) will be called up by the Indians for Friday. I Don't care if your catcher is Joe Mauer pick this guy up and put him on your bench. He has just as much if not more pop than Buster Posey. At a super thin catching position this guy has the potential to have HUGE value. I also have a feeling the Indians will use him at DH at times. Hafner still doesn't play every day. Santana isn't getting called up to sit.

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  1. Erik Bedard? Really? are you related to him or something?