Friday, June 11, 2010

The Phillies and Their Frustrated Fantasy Owners

On fantasy draft day many Phillies were drafted in the early rounds. Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Cole Hamels were all supposed to be guys we could rely on night in and night out week in and week out. Even Jamie Moyer looked slightly promising early because all of the run support he'd be provided by that stud filled line-up. SO WHAT WENT WRONG?

Jimmy Rollins is more fragile than the soft spot on my baby nieces head. This guy is ALWAYS hanging out in the trainers room and never in the space between second and third. He went from a feared threat on the base paths to an 8.5 million dollar hospital patient.

Chase Utley-Although still a top 5 2B he is no longer the best head and shoulders above the number 2 2B like he has been the last few years. He is now 31, which isn't all that old, but has shown some signs of slowing down. He still has 10 HRs but is only hitting around .260. Being a career .295 hitter there is need for some concern here.

Ryan Howard-What can I say other than next year stay as far away from this guy as you can on draft day. HE GOT PAID. Now the Phillies are getting what they paid for...or not. I don't believe this guy will ever match his pre-pay day numbers. Good luck with that oversized contract Phills

Cole Hamels- World Series hero 07-08 stud. Now I believe your seeing the REAL Cole Hamels. Don't expect him to get any better because he won't. The guy will have a 4+career ERA when it's all said and done.

Roy Halladay-Better than advertised, run support from the Phillies was a false advertisement. Halladay may now be thinking the turf was greener at Rogers Centre than the grass is in Philadelphia. The Blue Jays are 7th in the majors in scoring and 18th in pitching (18th mostly due to the 5th starters in their rotation Dana Eveland and Brian Tallet). With Halladay they easily get their team ERA under 4 and bounce into the top 12, or even 10. Now he play's for a Phillies team who is 19th in scoring and who's bats have single handedly cost him 3 losses and quite a few wins. Who woulda thought the Phillies offense would cost Halladay a Cy Young award and the Blue Jays offense coulda helped him win one? Eh? What I see for the future of the Phillies is 1 stud OF waiting in the minors and a bunch of guys who are getting paid and now going through the motions or others that are just getting older. The division is getting tougher all around and they are being content. I feel bad for Halladay just another bad situation that is only going to get worse. Where as the awful situation he came from is now competing without him. When he came to Philly I'm sure he didn't look at the depth chart and say to himself Jamie Moyer will be the only help I get in this rotation. Without Halladay the Phills would be in dead last today and asking themselves What went wrong here?
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  1. Sounds like you really love Roy Halladay...

  2. Shitty blog. all you do is write the most obvious shit

  3. I wouldn't say that...who in their right mind would have said to start Brett Myers against the Yankees?

  4. Nice Blog.....Terrible blog

  5. If it's shit, don't read it. I've enjoyed it