Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Link Roundup!

Hi everyone, I'm Eric and I'm the webmaster of WSP and I'll start off your Wednesday with a few links to help your team in the coming weeks.

* For those with Espn Insider , Today's "Truth and Rumors" page is always a first stop in regard to Fantasy Baseball.

* Pittsburgh's 21 year old speedster Jose Tabata, is getting the call to the Majors and will take Garrett Jones' spot in the OF. Jones moves to take over 1B full time. Tabata has excellent speed and is seen as more of a roto pickup for those who need SB's without HR's. SP callup Brad Lincoln will likely have less of a fantasy impact with an average fastball and a plus curveball.

* Jayson Werth owners, please don't worry about his contract, just stick to worrying about his three week long slump.

* Francisco Cervelli be damned, Jorge Posada may be back behind the plate next week. If you were using Cervelli, you were likely playing "musical chairs" with your Catcher slot anyways. You could go for a mid range guy like Pudge (back from injury) or an AJ Pierzynski type off of waivers.

* Lastly, here's a fun post on players being drafted by very familiar teams this year. A ton of father sun pairings.

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