Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FANTASY WEEK 11!!! Guys with 2 starts

Fantasy week 11 has many top pitchers going twice Halladay, Wainwright, Sabathia, J. Santana, and Josh Johnson, These guys should ALL be considered must starts no matter the match-up.

Now we have David Price, Clay Buchholz, Clayton Kershaw, and Shaun Marcum. These guys are all High end 2 start stashees that can be considered in most weeks where they start once. They are must starts whenever they have 2 games no matter the match-ups.

Jonathan Sanchez, Chad Billingsley, Mat Latos, C. J. Wilson fall into the next tier of solid 2 start stashees. These guys are by no means must starts when they only have one start. They depend highly on match-ups. With 2 starts they all have to be in any and every line-up.

The next group of guys fall into the lower end 2 start stashee group. Ian Kennedy, Dallas Braden, Carl Pavano, Carlos Zambrano, Guys in this group are by no means must start guys in any week and should NEVER be started with 1 start. This is where heavy evaluation comes in to help decide whether or not to use these guys. NL guys in this category who start against 2 AL teams (unless one is Balt, Cle, or KC,) are unadvised.

Ian Kennedy-usually a serviceable 2 start pitcher is @BOS and @DET. The Red Sox are currently RED HOT and the Tigers aren't playing bad either. I would look elsewhere for people in points leagues these could cause sizable negatives.

Mr. Perfect Dallas Braden-Since his Perfect game he's been nothing but a headache for fantasy owners. He plays for a weak hitting team and has two tough match-ups against Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs and top 3 fantasy pitcher Adam Wainwright. The A's offense will struggle against Wainwright but may be able to get to Carlos Zambrano who is a shell of his former self at the moment. I'd say start Braden

Carl Pavano- The Twins aren't really scoring runs for him and his long term track record does nothing to suggest he can even keep his ERA at slightly over 4 where it is now. He get's one home start against Colorado which he should be ok in. But that start against Halladay @PHI makes me nervous. Mild risk starting him next week. In deeper leagues you may have no choice. I'm gonna say go with him.

Carlos Zambrano-He has 2 very nice AL match-ups this week. He is a shell of his former self but has the opportunity to at least get the ship pointed in the right direction against Oak and LAA. I'd say this is the best start out of this low end bunch.

Now we have Randy Wolf, Aaron Harang, Joe Saunders, Rick Porcello, and Aaron Cook. These guys are 2 start bums that are going to be on many of your mixed league waiver wires. THEY SHOULD NEVER EVER START OUTSIDE OF 2 START WEEKS WITH AT LEAST ONE VERY FAVORABLE MATCH-UP!

Randy Wolf has 2 match-ups against 2 middle of the road teams. With both being away I would NOT advise Randy Wolf to be used outside of the deepest of leagues. With a WHIP of 1.6 and an ERA approaching 5 this could be disastrous. Leave him on waivers.

Aaron Harang- Harang has been scuffling a little this season but having a home start against the LAD and anytime you get to play Seattle when they don't pitch Lee or Felix is a big bonus. He is VERY advisable for week 11. Pick him up and start him in all formats.

Joe Saunders-Mil can mash and the Cubs can score a bit too Stay away and leave him on waivers.

Rick Porcello-Det has been playing decent baseball and with two favorable match-ups WAS and ARI he is a VERY ADVISABLE option. Get him in your line-ups.

Aaron Cook-@Min home against Mil. he is a strong candidate to leave for another owner to start. This guy really isnt very good and the match-ups he has this week are above average hitting teams. Don't start him.

These are all DO NOT TOUCH GUYS-Masterson, Paulino, Tillman, Davies, Lannon, Kawakami, and Snell.

MAJOR LEAGUE DEBUT!!!!-Brad Lincoln VERY GOOD minor league numbers and it seems the Pirates have chosen a great week to call him up facing the CHW and CLE. With an ERA of 3.17 and a WHIP under 1 in AAA at almost a K an inning he is worth a shot. Pick him up and start him.

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  1. Excellent column Bill, I had already pickedu p Harang, lets hope he works out.

  2. Excellent post, Bill... The only question I have would be whether or not this pertains to anything other than leagues that allow weekly lineup changes. I would assume that what holds true for head to head leagues with weekly periods would also hold true for roto-style leagues that have weekly periods as well? Thanks.

  3. Good job, Bill. I disagree about Paulino though. I think he's a nice option and on his way to becoming a low-end 2-start stashee. Check it out.