Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Pitching System

What you will see here on "Who Said Pierre?" is an innovative way to address your lineups on the mound, depending on your league's format and scoring system. Bill C., our resident pitching expert, has spent countless hours assessing the strengths and weaknesses of pitchers. From Roy Halladay to Roy Munson, Bill C. will take the time to address whether or not a pitcher should be started in a paticular week. Terms like "Must-start", "2-start stashee", "2-start bum", and "You get what you deserve starting that guy" will be what you become accustomed to once you start reading the analysis on a weekly basis. Traditional sites, such as rotowire and CBS, won't offer you the kind of insight and humor that we will, while continuing to offer you the advice you need to bring home that league championship. Keep checking back with us for further analysis...

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