Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who Said Pierre?........I'll tell ya.......

Myself and my fellow contributors were once in a rotisserie fantasy baseball league. The league was run by this tool who often boasted that he's "been running fantasy leagues since the mid 80's". We hated this tool, but continued to get in his fantasy league year after year until we got enough of our friends interested in fantasy baseball and we created our own league…..without him, of course. Our league is still going strong and up to 14 teams now!

We had been through a few tool drafts in the late 90’s. One of the tool’s biggest pet peeves was when owners would shout-out the names of yet-to-be-drafted players. No matter how early or late in the draft we were, no matter what name was shouted-out, the tool would say “GUYS………NO NAMES”. It didn’t matter what name we said. We could’ve shouted-out “Mickey Mantle” or “Joe Montana” and the tool would flip his lid.

So, at the 2001 draft, my buddies and I tried to get the tool going on his typical rant by shouting-out names of guys in round 2 who would’ve been drafted in round 35 or go undrafted. However, accidentally, I said the name “Pierre” (in reference to Juan Pierre, a mid-round type guy that year). Well, needless to say, the tool FLIPPED-OUT………And that’s when he coined the now popular phrase………….”WHO SAID PIERRE?????????”

Ladies and gentlemen………..Welcome to “Who Said Pierre? – A Fantasy Blog”………we hope you enjoy your visit and come back daily!

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