Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday 6/11 match-ups for daily leagues

Bronson Arroyo and Luis Atilano-I'm gonna clump these two together because They are similar guys with similar numbers who have similar match-ups. Arroyo gets KC and Atilano gets the Indians. Neither K a ton of guys both have scary looking ERA's but both are keeping the walk numbers down and finding ways to win. Pick up these guys and go with them against these great match-ups...Cut them Friday night.

R.A. Dickey-Yea he has a funny name, no ulnar collateral ligament, not much major league success before this season BUT there is value with this knuckleballer. @Baltimore, who by the way can't seem to do anything right, This looks like a great match-up. Take advantage and reap the rewards.

Brett Myers-@NYY. Before you ask yourself...IS HE NUTS?! Brett Myers looks like he may finally be living up to his potential. He has a plus fastball with very good secondary pitches. The Astros offense is beginning to heat up. You may look at Brett and say, "boy he gives up a lot of base runners" that being true but a lot of the hits he gives up are singles. He's been minimizing damage really well and looks like potentially a nice start tomorrow in all your daily leagues.

Feel free to post any questions.

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  1. Brett Myers? Are you serious? This blog is a JOKE!!!!