Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello All Fantasy Players

My name is Bill C. I have been involved in fantasy baseball leagues going on 10 years now and have been VERY successful. Over the course of the fantasy season I will give out valuable pitching advice to help you all skyrocket to the top of your fantasy standings. As my fellow columnist said you will become familiar with new terms such as "Must start pitcher", "High end 2 start stashee," "Low end 2 start stashee," "2 start bum," and "HAHA We told you so." Other sites have interns who obviously watch very little baseball running their analysis pages. I promise that is not us! We are all dedicated fantasy team owners who will give quality information based on how we interpret stats, match-ups, and other intangibles that affect your daily or weekly fantasy line-ups. Hopefully we can make this fun and informative for everyone of our readers. Keep coming back for winning advice and analysis........

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