Thursday, June 10, 2010

Response to Comments...

"Anonymous said...

Nice blog but you seem to copy stuff right from yahoo and espn and put it in different words(although it is still obvious that you do that). You pretty much state the obvious in all of your posts and your not putting enough effort. Terrible blog."

Baseball is a game of statistics. Anything that may or may not be referenced in that regard can be found on ANY site. More or less, I am trying to give MY assessment of a player, and how I feel other owners view that particular player, and whether or not it's worth a shot to try and get him. Also, I only use outside sources for the players current numbers, but my analysis is my analysis. Glad to see a "nice blog" become "terrible" in a matter of 2 sentences as well.

"Anonymous said...

There is an owner in my league who think's Brett Cecil belongs on the waiver wire because he was horrible last year....Maction, What do you think about this type of thinking?"

One thing many owners tend to do is judge a young player too harshly in the beginning of their careers. Not everyone comes flying out of the gate like Stephen Strasburg. You can't dismiss a guy like Brett Cecil, who turns 24 in July, based on his rookie season. Early signs of life in his sophmore season requires someone of his potential to become an instant pickup off the waiver wire, if available. Do you think Carlos Silva still belongs on the waiver wire, because of how much of a bum he has been the past 5 years? Remember: the younger the player/smaller career sample size, the higher the potential. Thinking otherwise causes owners like the one you mentioned to spend most of his time in the cellar of his league's standings.

Keep the questions/comments coming folks. Fantasy Action Maction OUT!!!

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