Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Got a question about my 2 start post

Anonymous said... Excellent post, Bill... The only question I have would be whether or not this pertains to anything other than leagues that allow weekly lineup changes. I would assume that what holds true for head to head leagues with weekly periods would also hold true for roto-style leagues that have weekly periods as well? Thanks.

Yes, it would hold true for Roto as well as H2H leagues. With pitching, I don't believe there is that much of a difference. Hitting is a whole different beast. Where some players are very useful roto guys but not so much in H2H. That posting is more for weekly leagues than it is for daily line-up change leagues. Obviously, you'd still want to probably avoid the guys I said to avoid in daily as well. Must start guys are ALWAYS must start. And the High end 2 start stashee's are almost always 2 starts. Feel free to keep the questions coming!

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